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Oral cancer is a very serious disease, which is why you should receive a screening by the dentist as soon as possible. Early detection is crucial to positive treatment, and can even be lifesaving. Tobacco and alcohol users are more susceptible to developing oral cancer, however anyone can be at risk. During our comprehensive exam, we’ll use visual and manual detection methods, as well as the Velscope Vx, to seek out abnormal tissue in the mouth, cheeks, gums and tongue. Get screened today!

To learn more, please watch this video about the amazing Velscope Vx Technology.

Technology is a big part of what helps us deliver quality dental care. Our office is one of the only in the area to use Velscope Vx soft tissue screening to detect mucosal abnormalities, and provide comprehensive oral cancer screenings. Velscope screenings take only about two minutes, and is convenient and comfortable. The device uses a harmless blue light which Dr. Carnazza uses to inspect the natural fluorescence of the soft tissue when exposed to the specific light spectrum. Using this technology is beneficial to patients, as early detection is crucial to successful treatment. For more information about this amazing technology, please read our blog!