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East Rockaway Neuromuscular Dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry refers to the treatment of the bite or occlusion to help stabilize the muscles of mastication. If someone has an unstable bite this can lead to headaches , facial pain, and even possible tooth loss. Most people are unaware if their bite is not in proper alignment even if they are experiencing these types of symptoms. Also, this can lead to disorders of the temperomandibular joint or TMJ. Treatment can be as simple as an orthotic device, orthodontics, or restorative reconstruction.

The case I have demonstarted here is a patient whom I treated. His previous dentistry was poorly designed. More specifically his occlusion or bite was unbalanced and uneven. This was causing him headaches and pain when he awoke in the morning. He thought he was just suffering from migraines. When it was explained that his bite was irregular and that correcting it would alleviate the symptoms he was astonished.  Unfortunately some of his teeth had to be removed because of the destructive bite forces A full arch reconstruction with dental implants and a new all ceramic fixed bridge was fabricated. He is now able to function properly, his speech has improved and he no longer experiences those migraine headaches or daily facial pain. If you suffer from any of these symptoms contact us today and find out how we can relieve your discomfort with neuromuscular dentistry.

added on: August 3, 2018