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Single Tooth Implant East Rockaway New York


Loss of a tooth is a very common today. People lose a tooth from trauma, failure of dental restoration, or bone loss. Patient’s of all different ages are prone to different kinds of tooth loss. The most common affecting the younger population is trauma. More specifically, falling off a bicycle, or a sports injury. Common sports injuries include hockey puck or stick injuries, elbow injuries in basketball, and boxing. Bone loss and failing dental restorations tend to include more of the middle aged to older populations. Whatever the cause may be it can be a devastating experience for someone.

Traditionally in the past if a person lost a tooth the dentist would prepare the adjacent teeth to the lost tooth to hold a fixed bridge or the alternate option of wearing a one tooth removable partial denture. The benefits to the three tooth fixed bridge is you can have the teeth replaced quickly.. The major disadvantage is that two healthy teeth have to be prepared to support this new bridge. This will compromise these supporting teeth over time. The option of the one tooth removable partial denture or commonly known as a “flipper” doesn’t require the teeth to be prepared. It is the least expensive and least invasive option but the major disadvantage is it is removable. Eating choices are limited and the strength of the appliance isn’t great, too. Also, it will have to be replaced sooner than the fixed bridge.

The dental implant is the best option for a single tooth replacement. It is the only form of dental replacement that will actually replicate what was once there naturally. A medical grade titanium fixture is placed in the bone and then a post is placed into the implant to support a crown. The concept of dental implants has grown massively over the past 40 plus years. The technology regarding the makeup of the implants and the increased surface textures to increase the bonding of the bone has significantly improved. This has allowed dentists to provide patients with both esthetics and functional restorations that are predictable. If you suffer from loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth contact us today for a free consult and learn if you are a candidate.


added on: November 19, 2018