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Bite Guards in East Rockaway

Bruxism or teeth grinding affects all different age groups. Tooth wear can be so destructive that it can cause muscle and joint disturbances of the jaw. In some cases even lead to tooth fracture and loss of the tooth or teeth. There are a few different options for these patients depending on the extent of the grinding. If there is significant wear and collapse of the bite a restorative reconstruction can be considered with porcelain veneers and crowns along with bite guards. If the tooth wear is intercepted early we can construct a bite splint or bite guard.

The process of making a bite guard is very simple. we take impressions of the teeth and send to the dental lab to fabricate the splint custom to form fit the teeth and bite of the opposing jaw. Sometimes one bite splint is needed sometimes both arches require protection. The one thing not to do is to buy the store bought “boil and bites”. These are pre-made blocks that you can boil and bite into your mouth. Firstly they will never fit properly. Secondly this poor fit can damage your teeth and gums as opposed to protecting them. Finally the bite relationship is never correct with these which could lead to even more problems like TMJĀ  pain.

If you suffer from teeth grinding contact us so we can intervene early and discuss your options to preserve your dental health.

added on: August 16, 2018