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Gum Treatment For An Improved Smile in East Rockaway

Some people have very high lip lines when they smile. This results in excessive gum display or sometimes called a “gummy” smile. The teeth appear shorter as a result of the excess gum tissue and disproportional to the person’s face.. The technique we use to treat this is called a gingivectomy. The gums are referred to as the gingiva. A gingivectomy is process where  a small amount of gum tissue is removed to sculpt the smile. In our office we use both laser and scalpel technique. The benefit of the laser is it does not produce any histamine release which is less painful for the patient. For people with thicker gum tissue a laser may not be as effective.

Here we have a case where the patient displayed excess gum tissue with failing old unaesthetic crowns. In order to achieve optimal aesthetic proportions it was necessary to remove the excess gum tissue with the gingivectomy procedure. The end result is a much more proportional pleasing smile. This patient is  a 76 year old female. Her new smile makes her look so much younger. Contact us if you would like to learn more about a smile makeover.

added on: August 24, 2018