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Cracked Tooth in East Rockaway NY








Cracking a tooth is very traumatic. Especially a front tooth. Even worse is when it is one of our younger patients.. I know from experience because I lost my front tooth to trauma at an early age. It was one of the main reasons that influenced me to become a dentist. Sometimes teeth can be saved after a traumatic experience and sometimes they can’t. Depending on the nature of the trauma and the age of the patient. Ideally we want to save the tooth at all costs and preserve all the remaining tooth if possible. I would like to share a case that recently presented to me for emergency treatment. A patient’s fourteen year old son fell and cracked his front right upper central incisor.  They were both in a panic and not sure what to do. She called me as soon it happened. It was late at night but I told her to come in ASAP because I have experienced this kind of trauma at his age. Also, I am a parent and have two kids and when they are hurt I want to get them help immediately. When he presented to the office the right upper central incisor was fractured in half and the left central incisor was intact and stable. The patient stated he was playing with his friends and tripped and fell forward right on his face and broke hiss tooth. The fracture was favorable. Unfortunately they could not find the fragment of tooth. In some instances if it is a clean break it can be bonded back onto the tooth.  So after examination it was determined that direct composite bonding could resolve the matter.  The end result was successful and esthetically pleasing. Both the patient and his mom were relieved. It was not a simple fix and took some time and skill to develop the contours, shape and shade to mimic the adjacent tooth. My advanced training in esthetic dentistry allowed me to accomplish the treatment. It was a great feeling for me as the dentist to be able to calm the patient and his mom’s fears and give him back his smile again. Emergencies happen all the time in dentistry. Most dentists would have told them to come in the next day. If possible I always try to address an emergency as soon as possible. That’s what makes our practice different from all the rest. We treat all our patients like family.


added on: February 21, 2022