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Dental Implants Placed To Restore 2 Missing Posterior Teeth

The loss of a tooth or teeth can be devastating to some people. It compromises speech, esthetics, chewing ability and facial support. The science of dentistry has advanced greatly over the years and has allowed us as clinicians to predictably replace missing teeth with dental implants. Advanced training is required to learn how to properly place dental implants. Especially restorative driven dental implant surgery.  This means the doctor knows how the teeth are going to appear and function prior to implant surgery. This is critical because if not placed properly the implants may not be able to be restored or function properly.

This case illustrates how Dr. Carnazza was able to place two implants to replace and restore this patient’s missing lower posterior first and second molars. The patient is an 83 year old female. She lost the teeth due to extensive decay. She did not want any removable teeth. Which would be the only other option in this case. So the best option was to place two implants. The ailing teeth were extracted and the sockets were preserved with bone grafts. This maintained the volume of bone so after a few months of healing Dr. Carnazza was able to place the two implants predictably. After three months of healing to allow the implants to osseointegrate or bond to the bone is when the resotrative process began. Traditional impressions were take of the implant abutments or posts and all ceramic crowns were made and placed. This allows the patient to chew and function just like her natural teeth. Nothing is removable. No limitations on diet and no collapse in facial appearance. If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about dental implants contact us at 516 887 3550 and we can do a free consult to discuss your needs.

added on: September 13, 2019