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Modern Dental Ceramics To Repair Old Dentistry In East Rockaway New York

A dental crown is usually needed when a tooth is cracked or has an old filling that is breaking down. Rarely it is also needed to replace an old crown that may have fractured or is decaying. I would like to share with you a case of the restoration of a  fractured anterior old crown with modern dental ceramics.

Typically anterior tooth crowns were made of all porcelain. Porcelain is a wonderful material because it is smooth like enamel and is translucent when light hits it and can mimic natural tooth colors. Porcelain to metal crowns are another option in dentistry but because of their metal substructure they don’t reflect light well and aren’t as esthetic. Yet, they are stronger than an all porcelain crown without a metal base.

Modern dental materials have given way to a strong and esthetic material for dental restorations called Zirconia. In this particular case we are going to discuss Zirlux brand Zirconia.. It is an all-ceramic dental material that looks and feels like your natural teeth. One of its many uses is for people with damage to existing teeth or previous restorations. Also, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth Zirlux Zirconia can protect your teeth from wear and damage. Because of its resistance to corrosion Zirlux Zirconia restorations can last a lifetime.. They also accumulate less plaque than other restoration materials.


This case shows a 63 year old female who fractured her front right upper central incisor. It was an old all porcelain crown. We removed the old crown and replaced it with a Zirlux crown. The esthetics are impressive and the strength surpasses the previous restoration. The patient was very pleased and happy with the final result.

added on: October 23, 2019