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Lower Bar Overdenture Treatment In East Rockaway New York




Missing a full arch of teeth is a very difficult change  for patients to adapt. Speech, taste and comfort are all compromised. In the past the only option to restore the teeth were full dentures. Today we can offer patient’s an alternative that is superior to traditional dentures. That option is dental implant supported teeth. There are two kinds of dental implant supported teeth. Fixed- fixed and fixed-removable. Fixed-fixed are teeth that are either permanently cemented to the dental implants or screw retained onto the implants. This option requires more implants to cover a full arch of teeth and is more costly..The fixed removable option is when the patient can only have a few implants due to lack of bone or limited finances.

The fixed removable option we are demonstrating here is called a bar overdenture. This type of design is a titanium bar with stud attachments welded to it to receive an overdenture. The overdenture snaps on and can be removed by the patient. The benefits of the bar overdenture are easy cleansiibility and hygiene for the patient. Also, a stable fit and improved retention option compared to a traditional denture. Not every patient has the anatomy of bone to receive six to eight implants necessary for a fixed-fixed prosthesis. The overdenture can be supported by three to four implants and change the quality of life for a patient.

A traditional lower denture is probably the most uncomfortable and difficult prosthesis someone can try to adapt to. The mandibular bar overdenture is an excellent alternative.

added on: September 7, 2018